Cooking with DRISCOLL

Learn, Cook, Eat: Cooking with DRISCOLL

Want to learn a new cooking style, technique, or cuisine or to try your hand as a mixologist?  We’re happy to show you the way and let you in on our culinary secrets.  Our chefs and bartenders are available to teach you how to prepare an elegant meal and to create unique cocktails that you can make on your own for your next party.  (Note:  Minimum of four (4) guests.  Costs of food and beverages additional.)


Shake and Stir


Whether you’re an enthusiast about Prohibition or follow modern-day cocktail trends, bring the sense and sensibility of a speakeasy into your home.  With a demonstration customized to your spirit, aromatic, and taste preferences, we’ll teach you the trade secrets of making the perfect craft cocktail that pairs with two delicious appetizers.


Let’s Do Lunch


A perfect option for team building with work colleagues, entertaining important clients, or meeting up with your fellow foodies who love to cook, this lunchtime demonstration not only will satisfy your hunger, it also will tap into your culinary curiosities.  In this 90-minute demonstration, the chef will teach you how to make these dishes in your own kitchen, serve you and your guests a delectable lunch, and provide the recipes and techniques for you to do on your own.  Select the area of focus that interests you to learn more:

  • Oils and Vinegars:  Go beyond salad dressing to discover a new world of flavored oils and vinegars.
  • Soups and Sauces:  Learn how to make the classic sauces and amazing soups.
  • Greens:  Prepare a variety of healthy and tasty salads.  
  • Proteins:  Properly prepare and cook your favorite meat, poultry, and seafood.  

Tequila Sunsets


Nothing rivals an Arizona sunset, and tequila and mezcal make it even better.  Be inspired by Arizona’s unique culinary culture while you sip on the best local agaves in your own backyard.  This tequila and mezcal tasting and demonstration are paired with three small plates that highlight the bright flavors of the southwest.

All About Pasta


Once you get hands on with this class and learn how to make pasta from scratch, you’ll never resort to pasta in a box again!  Our chef will give you the tools and directions for you and your friends to be master pasta makers.  Best of all, you will work with the chef to complete the meal for you to enjoy.  And you’ll enjoy the perfectly paired glass of wine to accompany your culinary creation.

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