Special Events & Corporate Parties

In addition to our core personal chef experiences, DRISCOLL Cuisine & Cocktail Concepts offers a range of unique, memorable options that we customize to suit your needs.  To book any these special services, please use our contact form to inquire about making a reservation.


Cooking with DRISCOLL

Want to learn a new cooking style, technique, or cuisine or to try your hand as a mixologist?  Our chefs and bartenders are available to teach you how to prepare an elegant meal and to create unique cocktails that you can make on your own.  These customized learning experiences range from $75 to $100 per person (minimum of four people) plus the costs of the food and beverages.  We’re happy to show you the way and let you in on our culinary secrets.


Cannabis & Cuisine: A Journey with Chef Derek Upton

Chef Derek Upton’s mission is to bring the best advice and food practices to life through healthy, ethically-sourced ingredients and cooking techniques.  Cannabis is no different.  Let go of those stoner culture stereotypes and allow Derek, a nationally-recognized and critically-acclaimed chef, to take you on a curated journey of discovery of the healing powers of expertly prepared food infused with the modern world’s best cannabis hemp flower.  Derek will educate you and your guests about how cannabis can be a remarkable tool in your daily health for you and your family.  As a pioneer in the cannabis cuisine movement that’s a decade in the making, Derek is the best in the business and is redefining cannabis to deliver an experience like no other.


Corporate Parties

If you don’t want your next office celebration with coworkers or a special event with customers or clients to be just another ordinary, run-of-the-mill catered event, we’re here to help.  With DRISCOLL Cuisine & Cocktail Concepts at the helm of your corporate party, you still get our personalized, tailored service that we deliver at your home designed with your office in mind.

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